Tim Berners-lee (Inventor of the World-Wide Web) said Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the system themselves, so you on the right track by choosing this course. According to Glassdor in 2016 Data Science was the single highest paid profession, with Data Science you can help companies make quicker and better decision, which can take them to the top of their market. It is indispensable to the banking sector as it is used to detect fraud by analyzing the behavior of financial institutions in real time. Elsewhere, robots will be used to help the elderly and disable gain mobility and independence. This course makes these breakthrough accessible to individual, solves social problems and modernizes business. Learning this course again help in creating bespoke solution like Automatic System for predicting and alerting against dangers. And in crating insight that help scientists analyze threats to wildlife and create solution that can save animals via complex predictive models and algorithm.

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Getting Started with Data Science and AI
Introduction to Data Science and AI
Introduction to Database
Introduction to Ml
Data Methodology
Python for Data Science
Data Pre-processing and Feature Engineering
Regressional Analysis
Classification Analysis
Clustering Analysis